Ian Thomas: no longer the Flemish Justin Bieber?


Ian Thomas is no longer the Flemish Justin Bieber and he really proves that with his new single ‘Autograph’. The new song is on sale since May 13th and is well received by his fans! Ian himself says that he is no longer the Flemish Justin Bieber and that he never had the intention to be that. But with Autograph he scored a big hit. The video has been viewed nearly 50,000 times on YouTube.

There is also an English version of Autograph. Today, Ian held an autograph session at one of the Free Record Shops in Antwerp. We were there to take some photos and record a little reportage. Ken de Kort made this reportage and Jordy (me) and Kevin took the photos. I also had a little talk with stepfather Chris Van Tongelen and his mother, Brigitte Derks.

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