About Ian Thomas 

“I’ve been searching for a long time,” Ian Thomas says with a tone that sounds both apologetic and explanatory. After all, his last studio album dates back to 2016, an eternity ago in a rapidly changing world. “But suddenly opportunities come your way.” However, he had to first come to terms with himself.


Because what do you want when you’re immersed in the adult entertainment world as a fourteen-year-old and grow into the teen star about whom everyone expresses their opinions with the necessary pleasures? That sticks, no need to argue. But the teen star who broke through with a cover of ‘Baby’ has become a mature man who uses his backpack of experiences in the right way in a creative process.


In 2019, he breaks with his past, but thanks to the freedom that brings – without a record deal, without management – Ian realizes that he is, first and foremost, an artist, a musician at heart. He spends more time in the studio than ever before, with everyone who comes his way, without judgment about background, genre, or style. He makes beats, produces, writes lyrics and instrumentals. His passion is back.


At the same time, he draws inspiration from his eclectic taste in music: from Bruno Mars to Queen to heavier American hip-hop. At the same time, Ian is captivated by Flemish pop music, as seen in his participation in “Liefde Voor Muziek.” But Belgian and Dutch hip-hop also appeal to him. He grew up with De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig on repeat, and today Dikke & Snelle are at the top of his playlist. He was so impressed with ‘Scars’ from the latter that collaborating with the producer – Donda Nisha – was high on his wishlist. The fusion of pop elements and hip-hop, that was also his thing.


In 2022, it’s time for those new opportunities, and thanks to a new team, Ian has the chance to spend a lot of time in the studio with Donda Nisha and Ramon De Wilde, a renowned Dutch guitarist/producer (Maan, Flemming, …). It had to be Dutch-language pop, they were all convinced. ‘Blind’ is the first example of this. In this dreamy pop song, we hear the same joy for life that Ian exudes, but also with a deeper meaning for himself and anyone who wants/can identify: “If you persist long enough and don’t give up, life works in a mysterious way and suddenly doors open again. I want to seize those opportunities with both hands!”